What We Do.

NuLine Concepts is a Chicago based firm, specializing in creating unique and innovative products, from concept to creation. We are a comprehensive solution to our product partners. 

Our years of industry experience cover a wide range of campaigns from Licensed Products to Tech Gadgets. 

Strategic partnerships foster agility and scale-ability to new opportunities in the consumer products arena.

From In House brands to Private Label, we leverage our expertise in sourcing, branding, packaging, and distribution for our partners.    

With a commitment to quality, performance and trend forecasting, Nuline has gained rapid growth in the Retail/Online categories we select.



New for 2015

Power Blade

Introducing the world's thinnest power bank.  2014 Red Dot Design Winner.  



A journey, passage, Voyage, Yatra's audio line is the perfect combination of sound, mobility and endurance.  All Weather Sound, your ultimate outdoor companion.  


Music Muffs

Whisk through winter with Cinema Sound.  Music Muffs bring the tech to fashion and are built for the sound-loving soul in you.  Designed in Chicago.  



Why Us?

NuLine Concepts is a minority owned business in the Consumer Products Industry since 2006.  We are a collection of designers, dreamers and inventors who are passionate about products.  

Branding / Design / Packaging - With our “In House” design team, we can create comprehensive collateral from illustration to photography and from Mock Ups to 3D Rendering. Our expertise in brand copy and effective language translation pave the way to Global Communication.

Sourcing - With over 10 years of international sourcing, our commitment to quality standards and fair labor compliance remain at the industry forefront.

Distribution / Warehousing - With our new Logistics partnership in 2015, Nuline can now warehouse and fulfill in 5 countries.

Customer Support / Warranty - Our operators stand by to assist you, give us a call 866 567 9009.






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